Matrix Calculator Online Java

  • Use the buttons on the top of the Matrix Calculator to calculate the determinant, inverse, adjugate, reduced row echelon form, upper and lower triangular, or transpose of the matrix A (selected initially), which you can change its entries and its dimension by clicking the buttons to the left of the rows and the buttons above the columns.

    You can also work with other matrices as above by first selecting them.

  • Additionally, you can do matrix calculations under the More Quick Calculations menu for the more frequently used matrix operations involving more than one matrix.
  • To use the real power of this online Matrix Calculator enter any matrix expression in the expression box provided and press Calculate. Your matrix expression can contain any of the matrices listed.

    You can enter any matrix expression such as det(A+inv(AB+3C))*(3C-D) (the use of * is optional). This Online Matrix Calculator is the only matrix calculator which can perform arbitrarily complicated matrix expressions.

  • To solve a system of linear equations (or work with augmented matrices) first select Linear System and enter the coefficient matrix with the column vector to form the augmented matrix and press Solve.
  • You can use any numeric expressions, e.g., 1/2 + 2sin(π/3) for matrix entries.

    The matrix entries can also contain Complex Numbers.

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You need Java to use this free Matrix Calculator.

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Matrix Calculator
Matrix Calculator