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This Scientific Calculator is the most comprehensive Online Complex Number Calculator to perform all operations with complex numbers, shows work with steps. Type in any expression containing real or complex numbers and get the calculated result in standard, modular, polar and exponential forms.

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Calculate Complex Number expressions from the simplest forms such as 1+2i+4, to arbitrary complicated forms such as sin(1+2i)/ln(3+4i)+exp(i)−4∠(1.8). Using Euler's formula the calculator converts the standard form of the result to all forms such as polar, modular and exponential.

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Use this Online Complex Number Calculator the same way as you would use a scientific calculator. Type in complex numbers, using i as the imaginary unit. The calculator displays the result as you type. You can use * or × for multiplication of complex numbers and / or ÷ for division of complex numbers.

You can also input numbers in scientific or engineering notations, e.g., 1E6 or 1.2E-12, where the exponent is an integer. For any non-integer exponent such as decimal numbers, complex number or expressions, you must use parentheses, i.e., 2E(2.3) or 1.2E(1+2i).

Note: The function E() is defined as E(x) = 10^x. So E(2) is 100, which is the same as 1E2 (and not E2, which must be preceded by a literal real number).

The Online Complex Number Calculator displays the results in standard form a+bi and optionally converts the result of expressions containing complex numbers to the following forms using Euler's formula:

where, r = √(a2 + b2), module of a + bi, and θ = arctan(b/a), argument of a + bi.

In addition to the algebraic functions, calculate exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and other non-algebraic functions with complex arguments.